Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Words is power."

- the principal of the high school at which I teach, during a discussion of the need to improve the writing scores of our students.

...and I will now light myself on fire.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Two things that need to be said:

1. APA is the single worst citation format in the history of mankind.

2. EDRS 605 - Educational Research Methods is the single worst, most horribly demeaning class in the history of Teacher Corps. And that's saying alot.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sitting in my classroom, the Tuesday after Labor Day. I can't believe it's only September. I can't believe I am actually teaching. I really like my life down here. My friends are amazing, my roommate is great, there's always something interesting to do.

But I think I have discovered I really don't like teaching secondary school, or at least teaching in a shoddy secondary school in the South. Teaching is really starting to bore me, after only one year. It is a completely inane exercise, giving the same lecture five times each day. As I have previously mentioned, my new administration is a disappointment, a huge fall-off from last year. They are totally disorganized, never let the teaching staff know about anything until the last minute, and fail to adequately assess a new plan before putting it into affect. The majority of my kids are cool and fascinating, but there are others I simply cannot stand and don't want to take the time or energy to 'correct' their behavior or attitudes. SINCE WHEN IS BEING A LAZY, CHEATING SLACKER SOMETHING ABOUT WHICH TO BE PROUD?!?!

As for those I love, a population that includes the majority of my students, I want to hang out and talk to them about stuff they might enjoy, not try to force-feed curriculum down their throats. I want to take all the kids I think have potential and show them a bunch of things they'd never be exposed to otherwise. I sometimes think I should have joined AmeriCorps or some similar domestic service program. Teacher Corps is a great program in some respects; it has allowed me to meet a really diverse group of people, test myself in a series of ways, and experience a completely different part of the United States. In other respects, it has been a real disappointment, but the most disappointing thing about it is the fact that I've grown to dislike teaching, something over which the Program really has no control. Alas. How many months until school ends?

At that, I'll devote a few lines to something I am actually excited about right now...

NFL Predictions, 2007

AFC EAST: New England Patriots
AFC NORTH: Cincinnati Bengals
AFC SOUTH: Indianapolis Colts
AFC WEST: San Diego Chargers
AFC WILD: Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars
AFC CHAMPION: New England Patriots

NFC EAST: Dallas Cowboys
NFC NORTH: Chicago Bears
NFC SOUTH: New Orleans Saints
NFC WEST: St. Louis Rams
NFC WILD: Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers
NFC CHAMPION: Chicago Bears

SUPER BOWL: Patriots over Bears

To confirm my feelings: Tom Brady can father my illegitimate children anytime he wants. That is all for now.