Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ten Goals for Spring Semester, 2008.

  1. Continue to foster relationships with my students that will put them on a better life course than when they first met me.
  2. Put RK (a student) on the path to getting into one of this country’s top colleges.
  3. Avoid my principal as much as possible, for the sake of my health and his.
  4. Place The Autobiography of Malcolm X in the hands of at least one student.
  5. Get my all of my college-bound students to lay out a plan for college admissions.
  6. See more of Mississippi before I leave.
  7. Get lost driving around the Delta.
  8. Drive down the Natchez Trace at least once more.
  9. Embarrass as many RHS baseball players as possible while announcing home games.
  10. Be more patient in the classroom with my students and with myself.


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